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Main Radios

The main HF radio is a Kenwood TS-850S, which I bought in 1995. It is fitted with the optional voice unit, Internal ATU, 1.8KHz SSB Filter and 500Hz CW Filter.


To complete the line up I also have the matching PS-52 Power Supply Unit and the SP-31 Loudspeaker.


The microphone is home brew using a Panasonic WM-53B electeret insert mounted on a goose-neck stand with 2 switches for PTT and PTT-LOCK.

As most of the parts came out of the junk box the total cost was around 14.00.


The FT-817 is supplied with the MH-31 microphone as a standard accessory. This is a dynamic microphone and has excellent audio quality but because the FT-817 dosen’t have a built in speech processor I found it had a lack of talk power when used with this radio.

My solution was to replace the dynamic insert with a Panasonic WM-53B electeret insert.

I followed the method used by George Smart M1GEO and I am very pleased with the results.

I recently bought this Yaesu FT-817ND, fully loaded with the Collins SSB Filter, High Stability XTAL Oscillator, Peg Legs, Wide Band Transmit and a soft case. Unfortunately the Kranker VFO Knob is no longer available as I would have bought that as well.

I’ve really enjoyed doing some QRP work on 40 Metres and I hope to use it for some /P operation before too long.